Heltec BMS - Active Balancer 3-4S 5A

The functioning principle of this balancer relies on the transfer of charged particles using a capacitor, which connects to the battery through the BMS, initiating the balancing process. This balancer is equipped with a new ultra-low internal resistance MOS that allows for efficient voltage balancing of the batteries. The board is made of 2oz copper thickness PCB for reliable operation. The balancer allows for setting the balancing current in the range of 0-5.5A. The more balanced the batteries are, the lower the required current.

The balancer is equipped with a manual sleep mode switch, where the current consumption is less than 0.1mA in sleep mode. The balancing voltage accuracy is better than 5mV! The balancer's idle current is approximately 12mA. It is recommended to use the balancer for battery capacities ranging from 60-300Ah. The balancer features an undervoltage protection that automatically cuts off the power supply when the voltage drops below 3.0V. The standby power consumption is less than 0.1mA. With this active balancer from HELTEC, you can be sure that your batteries will be balanced, contributing to their extended lifespan and optimal performance.

Heltec BMS active balancer

Technical Specifications:

  • ◾ Package includes: active balancer, connection cable and protective parts
  • ◾ Suitable for battery types: Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LTO
  • ◾ Number of connected batteries in series: 3-4
  • ◾ Balancing current: 2A
  • ◾ Balancing mode: active balancing
  • ◾ Own current consumption in normal mode (under load): 0.1mA
  • ◾ Own current consumption in idle mode (no load): 12mA
  • ◾ Typical working temperature range: -10℃ to 60℃
Heltec BMS 16S


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