DC power industrial connectors, 2 plugs QLB SurLok 200A 1000V

Connection accessories for high current loads in the form of orange and black plugs with IP 67 protection rating. It is an industrial plug with a 5.7 mm contact diameter, rotatable through 360°, where the use of screws, nuts and washers including the corresponding installation tools is eliminated. The plug includes a lock fitted with a push button release.

Optionally, in the menu below, you can choose to supply the connectors with a 4AWG silicone, fine-stranded cable, terminated with an M8 cable lug.

Technical specifications:

  • ◾ Package contents: 2 pcs plugs (2x male)
  • ◾ Voltage: 1000V
  • ◾ Max. current: 200A
  • ◾ Thread diameter: 5 mm
  • ◾ Contact diameter: 5.7 mm
  • ◾ Degree of protection: IP 67
  • ◾ Plug: rotatable, 360°
DC napajeci konektory

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