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Get an independent power source for your cottage, cottage or lodge with our lithium batteries for cottagers. You'll find compact batteries that allow you to enjoy comfort and convenience even away from the city.

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AkuBox LiFePO4 120Ah 12.8V 1.53kWh

Price: 12,154.00 Kč
Availability: 13 In Stock

Composite battery – AkuBox 120Ah 12V Smart Bluetooth. Made of traction LiFePO4 cells including BMSswitch and optionally USB socket with voltmeter in the ABS box.

AkuSet LiFePO4 120Ah 12.8V 1.53kWh

Price: 11,049.00 Kč
Availability: 15 In Stock

Practical assembly - AkuSet 120Ah 12V Smart Bluetooth from traction LiFePO4 cells, which are initialized, including BMS in one package with a connecting cable terminated with lugs.