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Rated capacity



AkuSet 24 V


Lithium cell sets in shrink foil can be dispositionally modified according to your wishes.

If you are looking for cell packs in a hard box, check out the list of lithium batteries.


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AkuSet LiFePO4 120Ah 25.6V 3.07kWh

Price: 19,999 Kč

Practical assembly - AkuSet 120Ah 24V Smart Bluetooth from traction LiFePO4 cells, which are initialized, including BMS in one package with a connecting cable terminated with lugs.

  • Bluetooth

AkuSet LiFePO4 230Ah 25.6V 5.88kWh

Price: 39,799 Kč

Practical set - AkuSet 230Ah 24V Smart Bluetooth from traction LiFePO4 cells including BMS with active balancer in one package with cable connector, DC connector and lugs.