Accessories for BMS

To get the most out of your BMS, choose from this range of BMS accessories. Here you will find communication modules, cables and other additional equipment. For example, you can extend your BMS with CAN/RS485 communication with a Bluetooth or WiFi module for more convenient use of your BMS.

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Modul bluetooth DALY

Price: 199 Kč

Accessory - The DALY Bluetooth module for connecting your Smart BMS and balancers with an application on your smartphone. Once connected, you can monitor real-time battery information such as voltage, temperature, power, charging, discharging, etc.

Interface CAN/RS485 DALY

Price: 699 Kč

DALY Communication Interface. For CAN and RS485 communication between batteries and between batteries and inverters.

*Product photo is for illustrative purposes only.

RS485 converter JIKONG

Price: 199 Kč

Compact TTL (UART) to RS485 interface converter for JIKONG SMART BMS.

*Product photo is illustrative