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Akubox 24 V

Lithium batteries are cells assembled in a rigid plastic or metal box.

If you are looking for cell sets in shrink foil that can be dispositionally modified according to your wishes, check out the list of lithium battery sets.

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AkuBox LiFePO4 134Ah 25.6V 3.34kWh

Original price: 26,999 Kč Price: 22,949 Kč -15%

Battery - AkuBox 134Ah 25.60V Smart Bluetooth. Made of LiFePO4 cells, including active Smart Balancer 2A and Bluetooth in the ABS box.

AkuBox LiFePO4 125Ah 25,6V 3,20kWh

Original price: 22,999 Kč Price: 19,549 Kč -15%

Battery - AkuBox 125Ah 25.6V 3.20kWh. Made of LiFePO4 cells CALB, including BMS active Balancer 2A and Bluetooth in the ABS box.