LCD Touchscreen 2.8" for JBD BMS UART

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TheLCD touchscreen is used as a display peripheral of the JBD BMS for use in the production of lithium composite batteries.

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LCD Display 1.7" for JBD BMS UART

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The single-button LCD display serves as the display peripheral for the JBD brand BMS device, designed for use in the production of assembled lithium batteries. In the list below, choose the appropriate type of display communication with BMS that you require, either UART or RS485.

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AkuSet LiFePO4 120Ah 12.8V 1.53kWh

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Practical assembly - AkuSet 120Ah 12V Smart Bluetooth from traction LiFePO4 cells, which are initialized, including BMS in one package with a connecting cable terminated with lugs.

Nickel-plated Copper Jumper for Lithium Cells

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Nickel-plated copper connecting piece with connecting material. In the drop-down menu below, select the appropriate jumper for your cell type. The price is per piece of jumper, including connecting material.

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This BMS with active balancer, the JIKONG 8S-20S 200A, is a premium control system for high capacity LiFEPO4, Li-Ion, LTO batteries. It is compact, easy to use via Bluetooth (built-in) via mobile app (Android, iOS). It monitors battery status, allows adjustment of discharge and charge parameters. Suitable for use in electromobility, backup power sources, solar power plants or energy storage systems.

Do not forget to order an RS485 converter to ensure the necessary data communication.

*Product photo is illustrative