In this range you will find 230V battery chargers with high charging current and automatic charging shutdown when fully charged. For charging cylindrical cells you can use our DIY power banks, which work either as classic power banks or just as 18650 Li-Ion and other battery chargers.

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Variable DC Power Supply QW-MS605D 230V / 0-5A...

Price: 2,999 Kč

Regulated laboratory power supply with precisely adjustable DC current and voltage. Not intended for battery charging. Damage to the product will occur in the event of such a sustained load.

Charger 57,4V 40A / 230V

Price: 10,399 Kč

Device designed for charging LiFePO4 and Li-Ion cells.

We recommend plugging this charger into an electrical circuit protected by a circuit breaker with C characteristic.

*image for illustration only, actual product may vary