Prismatic cells

Lithium batteries from the prismatic cell category. They provide more energy. They are suitable as industrial batteries, electric trucks, in logistics and other applications.

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Cell LiFePO4 50Ah 3.2V YINLONG

Price from: 759 Kč

Prismatic traction LiFePO4 cell for universal use.

Don't forget to order washers and jumpers if you are considering making a battery.

If you choose to initialize the cells, the delivery time will be extended by a few days.

Cell LiFePO4 105Ah 3,2V EVE Grade A+

Original price: 1,299 Kč Price: 1,199 Kč -100 Kč

Prismatic traction LiFePO4 cell with capacity 105Ah a 3,2V for universal use. Grade A+ EVE quality.

Cell LiFePO4 147Ah SVOLT 3,2V

Original price: 1,499 Kč Price: 1,249 Kč -250 Kč
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Prismatic cell traction LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 147Ah and 3.2V for universal use.