Technical specifications

Rated capacity: 1500 mAh (0.5C / +25 ° C)

Rated voltage: 3.2 V

Energy: 4.8 Wh

Brand: O'CELL

Weight: 44 g

Case material: aluminum

Operating voltage range: 2.5 V ~ 3.65 V

Maximum charging voltage: 3.65 V

Standard charging current: 0.75 A / 0.5C

Maximum continuous discharge current: 0.75 A / 0.5C

Maximum discharge current (3 minutes): 3C

Self-discharge rate: ≤ 3% / month

Internal resistance: 40 mΩ

Number of cycles / service life: > 1500

Operating temperature / charging: 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C

Working temperature / discharge: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Storage temperature: -30 ° C ~ 45 ° C

Dimensions (L × H): Ø18 × 65 mm


We recommend connecting the cells by spot welding. Another methods of joining can damage the cell at high temperatures.


Based on the customer's wishes, we offer the service of formatting cells and assembling cells into the required pack.


New cells are partially charged at the factory. Before first use, the cells must be charged to full capacity. The first charge must be made with a current of no more than 0.5C, and a voltage of no more than 3.65V.


Cell operation is only possible with protection circuits. Without the use of protective circuits, permanent damage to the cells is most likely to occur.


Quick user manual for batteries

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