Voltage converter 300W with modified sine wave

The inverter with 300W continuous power and 600W peak power provides you with reliable power in all situations.

12V/230V inverter from mivvyENERGY

Convert power from your 12V battery to 230V AC with this device that is certified to CE-EMC/LVD and RoHs standards. Enjoy worry-free power and reliable performance wherever you need it.

Reliable solution for your electronics = Modified sine wave inverters

Our Modified Sine Wave inverters are a great tool for securing your power supply. They are ready to support any device, from electronics to lighting and heaters. They can even take care of running household appliances like microwaves and small refrigerators for a short time.

SmartFun intelligent cooling

The innovative "Smart Fan" technology provides intelligent cooling control for the voltage converter. As the temperature of the appliance approaches the maximum safe limit, this system automatically starts the fans and adjusts their speed to keep the temperature at a safe level. This dynamic cooling ensures stable operation of the inverter even under harsh conditions, protecting it from overheating and extending its service life.

Proactive inverter capabilities and connectivity

The inverter is equipped with a wide range of protective features to ensure the safe operation of your electrical equipment. With protection against low voltage, overload, short circuit and excessive temperature, you can be sure that your electronics and the inverter are protected from unwanted damage. The soft-start feature adds another level of protection to the inverter by gradually increasing the output voltage as the device starts up, minimizing any sudden loads and extending the life of electronic components. In addition to the standard EU socket, these voltage converters also feature a USB A port with a 5V output, allowing for fast and efficient charging.


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