JK BMS 8-20S with active balancer

This smart BMS with active balancer from traditional manufacturer JIKONG will provide your LiFePO4 or Li-Ion battery with protection against overcharging, short circuit, over-discharge and overheating. It also includes an active balancer for battery balancing. The current battery status can be monitored thanks to the "smart" function of this BMS. In addition to checking, specific parameters can be adjusted in the app communicating with the BMS via Bluetooth. The app is available for Android and iOS.

BMS and active balancer in one

The BMS device is essential for safe battery operation. The active balancer ensures the voltage balancing of each battery in the assembly and extends their life. This Smart BMS with active balancer is also equipped with a temperature sensor. You can add an integrated Bluetooth converter for RS485 communication. This is not included with the BMS but is available as a separate product.

Datasheet for BMS JIKONG

Your browser does not support reading PDFs? Datasheet for JIKONG BMS.

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