Jikong Smart BMS – Active Balancer 8S-24S 150A

This intelligent active balancer system offers a wide range of features, including voltage monitoring, active balancing of higher currents, protection against overcharging, overloading, discharging, and temperature, coulometry, Bluetooth communication, remote control via GPS, and much more.

It is compatible with LiFePo4, Li-Ion, and LTO batteries. With its active balancing technology, it can achieve a maximum continuous balancing current of 2A. This high-current active balancing technology ensures battery consistency, extends their lifespan, and minimizes aging effects.

The balancer is accompanied by a mobile application that supports both Android and iOS operating systems. This Bluetooth-enabled application allows you to monitor battery status, adjust various operational parameters, control charging and discharging switches, and much more.

Download the application here: Active Balancer Application for Android or Active Balancer Application for iOS.

To connect to other devices, utilize the BMS protocol and VenusOS Driver.

Smart BMS JIKONG Application
Jikong BMS smart active balancer

Technical Specifications:

  • ◾ Package includes: Active SMART Balancer with temperature sensor, connecting cable and switch
  • ◾ Suitable for battery types: Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LTO
  • ◾ Number of connected batteries in series: 8-24 (LTO 13-24)
  • ◾ Balancing current: 2A
  • ◾ Balancing mode: active balancing
  • ◾ Current consumption in normal mode (under load): 10mA@100 V
  • ◾ Current consumption in idle mode (no load): 6mA@100V
  • ◾ Operating temperature range: -20℃ to 70℃
  • ◾ Communication: RS485, Bluetooth

Datasheet for BMS JIKONG

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