Smart BMS with balancer, 200A 7~21S LiFePO4 Jiabaida

BMS with integrated Bluetooth for precise real-time battery monitoring. JBD BMS provides battery cell protection, capacity calculation and balancing. In addition to Bluetooth, it also communicates via UART, RS485. Before first use, the negative battery terminal must first be connected to the BMS. Then the balance connector, which is already connected to the individual battery cells, needs to be connected. Failure to follow this sequence may result in permanent damage to the BMS.

The intelligent BMS (battery management system) acts as a protection circuit specifically designed for strings of 7 to 21 LiFePO4 battery cells. The BMS includes a balancer that effectively adjusts the voltage of each cell. The BMS hardware is embedded between two aluminum alloy plates that provide good heat dissipation in addition to physical protection.

Advantages of JBD Smart BMS 7~21S 3.2V 200A LiFePO4

  • selectable number of LiFePO4 battery strings
  • extra fine B- and C-cables high voltage resistant
  • Bluetooth communication with mobile app
  • overcharge and over-discharge protection
  • over-current protection charging/discharging
  • temperature protection
  • balancing function
  • capacity calculation (SOC)
  • sleep mode

Product Specifications of SmartBMS Jiabaida 7S~21S 200A 3.2V

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