JBD Smart BMS LCD touch screen, UART

TheJBD Smart BMS LCD touchscreen displays battery status and power management information. The touch screen can also be used to set up the BMS. Operation and orientation are easy. The device is compatible with different series of lithium battery cells.


  • ◾ Package includes: display,
  • ◾ Input voltage: 10-90V
  • ◾ Compatibility: with compound lithium batteries of cell series S3 to S24, with JBD BMS devices
  • ◾ Display:
  • 2.8" TFT 262K, color
  • ◾ Display function: touch (page switching and BMS input and output control)
  • ◾ Communication: UART
  • ◾ The display with UART interface can be connected via Bluetooth connector to the BMS device.
  • ◾ Dimensions: 100.55 mm × 72.60 mm
JBD displej LCD.jpg
JBD displej LCD.jpg

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