MUST PV1800 PRO Series 24V Combination Inverter with 3000W and pure sine wave

With the MUST PV1800 PRO Series you get more than just a power converter. This compact device combines the functions of an inverter, MPPT solar charging station and mains battery charger into one multifunctional tool that offers reliable power in an easily portable form. It offers an output power of 3,000W and a peak power of up to 6,000W.

Advanced features for optimized energy utilization

The MUST PV1800 PRO Series provides users with a wide range of features that enable efficient energy management. The inverter features a cold start function, offers remote monitoring via Wi-Fi and parallel operation with up to 3 units. The inverter can supply power to the load without a battery. The inverter is equipped with support for USB connectivity. Also consider purchasing a wireless WiFi module with your inverter purchase.

Control buttons and LCD display - Simple inverter operation

The control panel includes three LED indicator lights, four function buttons and an LCD display that provides users with a clear display of operational information. The control buttons allow easy adjustment of all parameters.

Protective features of the MUST PV1800 PRO Series

User and equipment safety is a key priority for the MUST PV1800 PRO Series. Therefore, it is equipped with a number of protective features, including overload, overtemperature and short circuit protection. With these features, you can be confident that your power infrastructure is protected and will operate reliably even in challenging conditions.

Datasheet for MUST PV1800 PRO

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