3000W pure sine wave voltage converter

These pure sine wave inverters have a perfect protection system that provides protection capabilities against short circuit, high temperature, overvoltage or low voltage, overload and other safety features. The use of advanced technology means high device efficiency and stable output voltage. The inverter can"Soft Start", which increases the output voltage step by step. This eliminates the problems and damage that otherwise arise from a cold start.

12V/230V inverter from mivvyENERGY

The inverters are equipped with an LED light to indicate errors. Cooling of the device is handled by "SmartFan" fans that start automatically when the set temperature limit is reached. It offers an output power of 3000W and a peak power of up to 6000W. With advanced technology, it ensures stable output voltage and high efficiency. The soft start function avoids cold start problems, while the LED indicator light and metal casing ensure trouble-free operation and overheating protection. With CE-EMC/LVD and RoHS certification, the inverter is your reliable partner for a constant and safe power supply. The LCD display provides the user with an overview of operating parameters, warnings and error messages. It gives you an instant overview of input and output voltage, output frequency, remaining battery capacity and other important data. With this display, monitoring the current status of the device is easy and clear.

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Pure sine wave inverter = worry-free home

Give your devices a power supply they can rely on! With a precise and stable voltage waveform, pure sine wave inverters provide optimal protection and performance. From refrigerators to televisions, your home appliances will operate with maximum efficiency and safety. You no longer have to worry about any potential power problems. A pure sine wave inverter will keep your electronic devices running smoothly every day!

Stable inverter temperature with SmartFun function

Our innovative solution brings smart cooling for safe operation of your equipment, so you no longer have to worry about your inverter overheating. The fans start automatically when the set temperature limit is reached. Your voltage converter will operate reliably and safely even under harsh conditions.

Universal inverter connectivity

In addition to the standard EU socket, the mivvyENERGY voltage converter also offers a USB 2.1 port with 5V output voltage. Enjoy fast and efficient charging.


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