AC/DC converter, charger and 1000VA UPS

The HB1012 is a compact device combining a pure sine wave inverter, battery charger and a backup UPS with 800W/1000VA power. To use the backup power supply function you will need to connect batteries of your chosen capacity. It is compatible with common battery types such as lithium, AGM or gel batteries. With this UPS, you will be sure that in the event of a power failure, your connected appliances will be powered for the necessary time. This device is ideal for offices, home offices, server rooms and more. The UPS has an instant response to switch to battery power mode. The built-in inverter then takes care of the output in the same quality as mains power.

UPS s měničem AC/DC

Backup power supplies for uninterrupted access to electricity

The battery back-up power supply has a display for an overview of the current status of the device such as battery capacity, load level, input/output voltage values and other information. The AC/DC inverter uses an innovative toroidal transformer design to ensure high efficiency of the device. It also features a 32-bit microprocessor for precise operation and an intelligent cooling system based on current status (power on, charging, high temperature).

měniče s UPS

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