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Reliable battery backup power supply, 1200W UPS

In the event of a power failure, this backup power supply reliably stands in for the mains power supply and supplies the necessary energy to your devices. The maximum load of this UPS is 1200W and it is equipped with 4 sockets for connecting your appliances. This backup power supply has 2 integrated 9Ah 12V batteries. There are audible and LED indicators on the front of the UPS to indicate the operating status.

UPS line interactive

2000VA UPS with integrated battery

This backup power supply uses a "Line Interactive" system where the output voltage is independent of the mains. In the normal state (primary grid is intact), the inverter rectifies the voltage and charges the battery while protecting the equipment from possible power surges. In the event of a mains power interruption, the device switches to battery power mode. The conversion time is typically 2-6 ms. The UPS also has overload, deep discharge and overload protection functions.

Line Interactive UPS

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