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    Lead acid battery 6V 5Ah
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AGM traction battery, LA-6V5Ah

Advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology is safe and leak-proof, even when the battery is damaged. AGM offers three times the durability compared to conventional batteries. The Lead-Acid system ensures high cycling stability. AGM technology works by absorbing the electrolyte with a glass fibre material between the lead plates. Such batteries are then resistant to vibration or, for example, when placed at an inclination of up to 90°. The battery does not require topping up and is therefore completely maintenance-free.

Lead AGM battery with a capacity of 5Ah

These batteries have their uses where you need a reliable, high performance power source. For example, in projects such as holiday accommodation, caravans, yachts and boats. AGM batteries are ideal for cyclic loads (charging and discharging). It is not a starter battery. Its cyclic life at 50% discharge is approximately 500 cycles. The battery's floating life is designed for 5 years. The designed capacity of the battery is 5Ah in case of 20 hours of discharge at 5.25V (25°C). The battery can operate at temperatures ranging from -15 to 50°C (discharge range). There is a low self-discharge rate during storage, so that it retains 91% of its capacity after 3 months, for example.

Battery: AMG mivvyENERGY

Our batteries, such as this AGM battery, meet all requirements for safe use. The battery consists of high-quality and durable materials that minimize the possibility of short circuits, electrode corrosion, sulfation or heat dissipation. This battery can reliably provide power for most common appliances. The deep discharge capability of the battery is optimal when dealing with power outages. In fact, the AGM battery can be used in combination with a backup power source - a UPS device, where the battery is under continuous power and automatically starts to act as a replacement for mains electricity in the event of a power failure.

Datasheet for LA 6V 5Ah battery

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