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Traction battery, GEL-12V50Ah

Among the most significant advantages of this gel battery is its maintenance-free operation for the entire period of use. It has a long service life, low self-discharge rate and high resistance to deep cycle discharge. It is a traction battery in a hermetically sealed ABS casing and an internal construction based on advanced technology where the electrolyte is bonded to a silica gel. Therefore, the battery can be used without fear of electrolyte leakage.

50Ah lead gel battery

This battery finds its use as an energy source for regular power supply to appliances, i.e. repeated charge-discharge cycling. It is not a starter battery. Its cycling life at 50% discharge is about 800 cycles. The battery's floating life is designed for 12 years. The designed capacity of the battery is 50Ah in case of 10 hours discharge at 10.8V (25°C). The battery can operate at temperatures from -15 to 50°C (discharge range). There is a low self-discharge rate during storage, so that it retains 91% of its capacity after 3 months, for example.

gelove baterie

Battery: mivvyENERGY GEL

Our batteries, like this gel battery, meet all the requirements for safe use. The battery consists of high quality and durable materials that minimize the possibility of short circuiting, electrode corrosion, sulfation or heat dissipation. This battery can reliably provide power for most common appliances. The deep discharge capability of the battery is optimal when dealing with power outages. In fact, the gel battery can be used in combination with a backup power source - a UPS device, where the battery is under permanent power supply and will automatically start to function as a replacement for mains electricity in the event of a power failure.

Záložní zdroj UPS a gelová baterie

Datasheet for GEL 12V 50Ah battery

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