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Lead traction battery 6V 12Ah

Traction batteries mivvyENERGY LA series (lead-acid) are sealed lead acid batteries with AGM technology. The use of this technology makes the battery resistant to leakage of the electrolyte, which in this case is soaked into the fiberglass separator: AGM (absorbed glass mat). Lead AGM batteries are maintenance-free, safe and long-lasting.

The design of the battery ensures its high cycling resistance. It can be used in combination with a UPS device, where the battery is under permanent power supply and serves as a backup power source in case of power failure. The deep discharge capability makes this battery an optimal solution even in the event of frequent power outages.

The battery is shockproof and, thanks to AGM technology, it can also operate without problems at an inclination of up to 90°. AGM traction batteries are completely maintenance-free - due to water top-up. The battery life is designed for 5 years, or approx. 500 cycles at 50% D.O.D. (depth of discharge) at 25°C.

Lead-acid batteries: energy for everyday use

Our lead-acid batteries are synonymous with reliability and performance. Traditional technology, long life and versatile use. AMG Pb-Acid lead acid batteries are a classic battery type for a wide range of applications.

Datasheet for LA 6V 12Ah battery

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