TOMZN 4P PV DC 1200V 32A

TheTOMZN 4P PV DC 1200V 32 fuse disconnector is a 4-pole device, designed for solar distribution cabinets, suitable for DC operating frequency. It features a rotatable handle that is flexible and durable. Made of flame retardant insulating PC which retards the burning. It has low resistance and good conductivity. Resists high temperatures and oxidation. Contacts are made of silver. It offers various installation options. DIN rail mounting TH-35.

The TOMZN fuse disconnector is made of high quality materials and meets stringent standards (IEC60947-3 and AS60947-3) and regulations for safety and reliability. It belongs to the use category DC-PV2/DC-PV1/DC-21B. Its rated operating voltage (Ue) value ranges between 300V, 600V, 800V, 1000V and 1200V. The nominal insulation voltage (Ui) is 1200V.

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