Fuse disconnector TOMZN DC 1P 1000V for 10x38mm

Fuse disconnector TOMZN DC 1P 1000V for 10x38mm is designed for DC fuse retention of 3A, 6A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A and 30A. The maximum voltage is 1000V. It is not designed for live disconnection.

This disconnector is suitable for protecting PV strings from short circuit. Thanks to its reliability and high performance, it provides safe protection for your electrical equipment and minimizes the risk of possible damage caused by overload or short circuit. The complete disconnector consists of this disconnector and a fuse, which you order separately as required.

DIN rail mounting TH-35.

The TOMZN fuse disconnector is made of high quality materials and complies with strict standards (EC 60269-6, EN 60947-3, DC-20B) and regulations for safety and reliability.

pojistkový odpínač TOMZN

Technical specifications:

  • ◾ Package contents: 1x fuse disconnector
  • ◾ Rated voltage: 1100V
  • ◾ Maximum current: 32A
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Temperature range: -40°C~90°C

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