DC Circuit Breaker TOMZN 1P MCB 250V 200A is a single-pole circuit breaker for direct current with a rating of 200A. It is designed for use in distribution systems and electrical devices, where it serves as protection against overload and short circuit. Due to its construction, it is suitable for voltages up to 250V.

This circuit breaker is suitable for various types of circuits, such as LED lighting, digital cameras, electronic devices, etc. With its reliability and high performance, it provides safe protection for your electrical equipment and minimizes the risk of damage caused by overload or short circuit.

DC Circuit Breaker TOMZN is made of high-quality materials and complies with strict standards (IEC60898-1, GB14048.2) and regulations for safety and reliability. Its easy installation and compact design allow for easy integration into various electrical systems.

TOMZN Circuit Breaker

Technical Specifications:

  • ◾ Package Contents: 1x circuit breaker
  • ◾ Maximum Voltage: 250V
  • ◾ Rated Current: 200A
  • ◾ Operating Temperature: -5 °C ~ 40 °C
  • ◾ Insulation Voltage: 800V
  • ◾ Circuit Breaker Type: single-pole

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