We make, arrange, advise

With you on the road to energy self-sufficiency


You probably already know that mivvyENERGY is a popular Czech manufacturer of lithium batteries - our flagship products AkuSet and AkuBox. However, our e-shop also offers a wide range of accessories such as BMS or battery chargers, but also equipment for photovoltaics including of course solar panels, voltage converters, but also interconnecting cables and other supplies. We simply manufacture ourselves, arrange other products and last but not least we can advise you on your way to independence from energy suppliers.

Why buy from us?

✓ High quality products and service for our customers

✓ Years of experience in the industry are our foundation

✓ Customer service with fast response and kind attitude

Batteries of our Czech production and other goods of the highest quality

What we produce ourselves, we can adapt to your requirements within the technical possibilities. Do you have specific requirements for a lithium battery such as a particular size and layout? Are you looking for an OEM battery supplier? You have come to us correctly.

What we don't manufacture, we carefully control. It starts with selecting suppliers who have a reputation for reliability and we are familiar with their products. We then personally inspect the goods, for example, with lithium cells, there is no shortage of diagnostics and "cross-check" checks.

We are experts in battery manufacturing, photovoltaics and customer care

We have been on the Czech market for over 16 years - that's some practice! We rely on our accumulated experience and developed know-how. At the same time, we monitor the current needs of our customers and look to the future to provide innovative technological solutions for your projects.

To make sure you have the best possible experience with our products, we are on hand. Or by phone or email. Whether it's our technical director Michal answering your more technical questions or the great Silvia as our customer care specialist.

A small but professional team. No corporation

We know that each of you, our customers, is unique and has specific needs. That's why we strive to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all of your plans involving our products. Whether your goal is a small solar power plant for your cottage or a successful e-mobility business, for example.

Existing customers will confirm that the personal touch is a big plus for us. And we take great pride in it. We are not a big corporation, but the opposite. mivvyENERGY is made up of a smaller team of people. However, they all work with passion and thanks to a completely human approach we maintain strong business-friendly relationships with our customers.